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BiiSafe is dedicated to improving people’s lives by developing reliable and high-quality smartphone accessories and apps for everyday use.

We believe that small things can impact lives in a big way. It is in the small things that BiiSafe invests its best knowledge and expertise – so that people can fit in their pockets that extra little care they need in their busy day-to-day.

Founded in 2012 in Finland, BiiSafe continues a strong local tradition of combining cutting-edge designed hardware with innovative software.

BiiSafe’s mobile solutions and related accessories are designed for both consumer and corporate use.

BiiSafe Buddy is a premium smartphone accessory paired with a free mobile iPhone and Android app for everyday connectivity and safety. Buddy uses your smartphone’s GPS via Bluetooth to enable you to share your location to connect or alert your friends and family and help you find important lost items such as keys, phone, wallet etc.

BiiSafe Buddy is the only product on the market to combine location sharing, alert/distress functionalities and lost item finding capabilities.

Website: www.biisafe.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BiiSafe