Calefa Oy NDBS

Calefa Oy is a Finnish enterprise specialized in waste heat utilization solutions. We provide our customers turn-key deliveries including all needed phases to make money out of waste heat rejected from processes.
In Datacenters the waste heat system maybe integrated to form also the entire cooling system to cool down the circulated water and/or the air.
Our solutions are always adapted to customer needs to ensure the optimized function and all needed safety systems. We are not bound to any single solution or product. We make the solutions using the best suitable technology to each delivery.
Our way of operations in Calefa Oy is to make partnership with our customers to ensure long term secured deliveries. We like to cooperate with the other suppliers of the Datacenters.
The best results are mostly got through early phase cooperation when various needs can still be adapted together. However waste heat utilization might be surprisingly easy to add also to already running facilities.
Datacenter can be seen as large electrical heaters. Why not to use the produced heat and not just release to surroundings.