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Espeo Software NDBS

Espeo Software is a global software house focused on web & mobile application development that has become a trusted technology partner to tech start-ups, established companies and entrepreneurs in various verticals, including advertising&marketing, media, healthcare and finance. More than 80% of Espeo’s customers choose to continue working with agency. Among them: Sanoma Oyj, Solita Oyj, Citat, Outsearching.com, Bilot, Oracle.

Espeo crafts innovative digital services that allow their customers to become market leaders. Espeo builds their advantage on 3 factors:
• The versatility of the technology
• Finish stability married to polish creativity
• Close collaboration and complete transparency in our relationship with customers.

The Espeo concept sprouted from Finnish soil in 2008, and has been growing ever since, watered with a passion for good software and fed with the creative energy that has helped make our customers market leaders. Over the years, we gained multi-level industry knowledge and experience, along with the humility that comes when you understand there is always more to learn. Along the way, we discovered the importance of responsibility and transparency. With each new project, we raised the bar of excellence. We did this as a team working together for the success of our customers, because Espeo Software is its people. But Espeo is also its customers, and it’s our special relationship with them that has created a software house with a unique character.