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New service concepts are winners at this time!

Fluente Kumppanit Oy’s (Fluente Partners Ltd) ambition is applying technology, digital and personal services together in everyday work to improve and streamline our customer’s business. Why this? We think that the combined solutions of the real world and virtual world on a service level allow consumers to take charge of their own lives, regardless of challenges in their everyday life, such as loneliness, physical condition or memory problems. People desire to maintain their own lives fertilize the ground for good business cooperation between health care and social sector companies, ICT companies and Fluente Kumppanit Oy. Well designed, productised and commercialised service concepts are winners at this time.

Fluente Kumppanit Oy is a Finnish management consulting company. Our senior consultants have a long term and wide-ranged experience combined with theory and operations at service business. Our customers are mainly private companies and associations in the health care and social sector. We have a good perspective of creating new service concepts in a multi-disciplinary environment. In long term development projects our core skill is strong know-how at project management and funding.

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