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IGL Technologies IoT

IGL-Technologies is a supplier of wireless remote systems and automation technology.
IGL-Technologies is an expert in wireless control systems and solutions. The company has experience in short-range networks for a number of years. The company has also taken advantage of NFC / RFID, GPS/GLONASS technologies, GSM/GPRS/3G/ZigBee networks as well as other wireless networks in our products. IGL-Technologies has made projects related to remote locking, parking management and automated alerting, all of which are used via internet.
The IGL expertise is mainly in technology related to parking management. IGL’s products (eTolppa and eParking) for remote control of electric vehicle charging stations and management and renting for parking spaces use wireless radio and mesh technologies that make expensive wiring work unnecessary. eTolppa and eParking are both Smart City solutions, where you can rent a parking space and turn an existing eTolppa heating pole into an electric vehicle charging station just by using your mobile phone.
The company is located in Tampere, Finland.

eTolppa (www.etolppa.fi); eParking (www.eparking.fi)