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Industry Partner Rapid Action Group


Rapid Action Group is the next generation societal enterprise. We have together hundreds of year’s practical experience in making meaningful impact on research, innovation, businesses and the society.
The fundamental idea of RAG was born when a couple members of the Finnish Parliament and persons from the Aalto University met in early 2014 to discuss about the Finland’s future related to renewal, innovation and growth. Finally, RAG was founded in June 2014 by 24 founding partners including researchers, artists, designers, innovators, business executives and the Members of the Parliament of Finland.

Today there are 33 of us and our global network extends almost to all over the world. RAG’s greatest assets are our diverse expertise, pioneering innovation methodologies and ambitious mindset.

RAG’s purpose is to make being in the complex world easier. We integrate our expertise and our global network’s expertise to co-solve wicked societal and business challenges based on real needs, demands and opportunities.

Our projects are customer driven and exclusively tailored. Outcomes can be from service/product innovation to policy/systemic level prototyping. Our scope covers from boosting the growth of start-ups to helping regions and states in local and global issues.

Working with us is always flavoured with surprising and unconventional combinations of expertise, trust, positive energy and forward-thrusting attitude. Whatever we do, we aim at real impact. The sky is not the limit.