Invest In Kainuu


The Invest in Kainuu team is dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of inward investment to the Kainuu region in central Finland. Our aim is to develop and raise the international profile of this region as a place in which to invest across a range of industries.

We provide seed capital relationship management, assisting in access to and application of soft funding opportunities. We operate a global database of contacts across all business sectors, offering consultation and ongoing support to local companies and individuals wishing to establish or grow genuine business opportunities through the introduction of outside investment. To this end we currently operate with client principals in the UK and Russia to identify and initiate communication with potential investors, particularly in the Data Centre and ICT fields.

Kainuu’s greatest growing industry is Data Centres, centered on the Renforsin Ranta Business Park, formerly a UPM paper mill until its closure in 2008. Kajaani’s first anchor case was the Finnish government’s CSC – IT Center for Science, who have built a high technology, low carbon footprint Data Center to house its two new supercomputers. Alongside CSC is a collaborative Data Center built by new company Herman IT and global IT giants IBM. Both Data Centers have followed Google’s Hamina example by reusing existing brownfield infrastructure for their needs. UPM continue to invest in the refurbishment of key brownfield spaces, ready for further Data Center companies, and are working with Invest in Kainuu to secure new tenants for their brownfield and greenfield spaces. A number of related new business cases are under development with particularly high interest from Russian companies seeking redundancy sites. What sets this site apart from the plethora of alternative Data Center sites in the Nordics is its readiness for business in terms of brownfield space, pre-zoned greenfield land and sustainable, ”green” power. Multiple hydroelectric and biomass power stations provide a significant supply of environmentally and economically attractive power (120MW on site renewable & 400MW diverse grid connectivity), which is as suitable for heavy industrial use as for Data Centers.

Invest In Kainuu is a DIGITICE Member