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2015 Latvian IT Cluster
Latvian IT Cluster is a platform for further development of IT innovative solutions and products in Latvia and all around the world! Latvian IT Cluster was established in year 2000 and now unites member companies who specialize in software development, IT consultations, hardware architecture, networking & data transmission solutions, financial and business management solutions for enterprises and organizations, business analysis solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning solutions.

The most notable project operated by Latvian IT Cluster is Riga IT Demo Centre. Riga IT Demo Centre is the showroom for the best Latvian Information Technology solutions with IT product portfolios and interactive hands-on demos. At the Riga IT Demo Centre you can experience how technology can make your life easier through the automation of public services, interactive business offerings, and the exciting solutions for culture, healthcare and entertainment.

Here you can take virtual sightseeing tours around the world, hear how music can be played through buckets, play with prototypes of the world’s best sumo-robots, be impressed by the intelligence of the urban surveillance system, learn how to not lose yourself in translation, and a lot more! Take some time to visit Rita IT Demo Centre at National Library of Latvia!

Latvian IT Cluster coordinates ISTQB and DEMOLA activities in Latvia, participates in research and development projects from various programs collaborating with partners all around Europe. Latvian IT Cluster organizes conferences, exhibitions and other export marketing events that help its member companies to reach new markets.