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PuzzlePhone NDBS

We live in a world with increasing consumption and decreasing resources. We live in a world where the Earth itself can no longer absorb the waste created by people and irreversible damage to the whole ecosystem could be done. It is time for both manufacturers and consumers to make a decision: to continue irresponsible production and purchasing or make a change and take responsibility in our own hands to choose a path as friendly to nature as possible. We cannot stop all the waste created by manufacturing and we do not want to give up great technologies. But we want and we can minimize the damage to nature by saving energy, by using recyclable materials and by creating concepts which minimize waste.

PuzzlePhone solution is to maximize the product life cycle and minimize the creation of waste by developing a modular mobile device which consists of three easily replaceable and customizable parts. PuzzlePhone aims to maximize the importance of local markets in production, at the same time minimizing the impact to the ecosystem by shortening the logistics chain, bringing back manufacturing to local markets and ensuring that production includes nature-friendly practices and responsible business ethics. PuzzlePhone works to the mobile industry standard to enable resource efficiency as well as platforms for hardware innovation to show that the mobile industry could be both ecologically and socially sustainable.