sunit NDBS

Tailored In-Vehicle Computing for at least 10 years In-Service.
Over 20 year’s core-focus on tough computers and deep knowledge of client-demands has brought us prime expertise in technology. Our Vehicle Fixed-Mount computers are globally certified and serve Fleets as Law-Enforce and Mission Critical, Supply-Chain, Logistic and Warehousing, Mining and Earth, Heavy Terminal units, Railways, Vessels and Air.

Inspired Fixed-Mount In-Vehicle Computing
Sunit technology offers wide range of Technical Characters for Vehicle-Interface, User Interface, Long– and Short Range Communications and as well Vehicle Equipping related interfaces.
Our products are classified as Fixed-Mount In-Vehicle Electronic, are globally certified and takes for granted all Qualifying procedures.

Purpose Tailored for ERP-Systems Lifetime in Fleet-Business
Each and every Fleet have purposed service for efficiency and duty. Therefore our products are tailored and customized.
Sunit In-Vehicle Computing technology takes in advance the most demanding clients. Products are 100% Sunit design – Following the toughest standards.
Thanks for that and our thorough quality assurance, our products lasts in service extremely long time within all purposed rough Environments.

Environment is our Value to take care
The environmental impact is significant issue on logistics world and calls for contributes toward better environment by increasing the advantage per each transport kilometre.
Anyway, everyone is Obligated and Responsibility of our Environment. The Electronic industry is one of most Environment-impacting and Sunit realize that most significant protect of Environment is to ensure extremely long (at least 10 years) In-service time with our products.
“What-if” is our question. What if we all within Electronic business help environment by designing products to last double up today?

Our mission is frankly Environment friendly products without reservations.