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Varaani NDBS

Varaani Cloud Hub
Varaani Cloud Hub is a hybrid cloud solution which combines Storage, Backup, and Access to your digital life in one easy-to-use service.
You get Terabytes of storage that you can access 30 times faster if you are at home or in the office and it costs only a fraction of what it would cost to save your data in a cloud-only solution.
You can securely access the files you need from any device and share them with you family, friends and business partners.
Automatic on-line backup for all of your information in the Varaani Cloud Hub makes sure that you will not lose a beat.

High Return With a Low Risk
Service providers can provide the Varaani Cloud Hub as an end-to-end solution with low upfront investments, and generate healthy margins from their existing and new customers.
Varaani Cloud Hub is a service offering that complements your service portfolio and generates additional revenue streams with long customer commitment and contracts.
Service providers and resellers can focus on the sales, distribution and customer contacts.
Varaani will manage all the device software remotely, as well as manage the data center for the online backup service.
Differentiate your service offering from cloud-only storage services. You can start easy and simple without large costs or risks.

Patented On-line Backup Technology
The patented on-line backup technology saves significantly storage space in the data center.
Instead of storing a 1:1 copy, only error correction information that is needed to reconstruct missing data is stored in the Varaani data center.
The user files will always remain in the local device.
Varaani’s method requires only about 10% of the storage capacity in the data center compared to a 1:1 file backup.
This saves in the resources required in the data center, especially the amount of disk space and hence the energy consumption.

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