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NDBS Smart Networking Apple iOS download  NDBS Smart Networking Google Play Android download

Conference cattle.

How many useful contacts do you make at conferences by wandering around trying to subtly look at other delegates’ badges? Depending on your eyesight and the conference itself your answer might range from “lots actually” to “not many” (mumbled through clenched teeth). It’s 2015 and somehow in this digital age we still find ourselves more often than not performing the same awkward networking ritual, even at conferences extolling the glorious global technology revolution!

With no other alternative I fall into the same pattern again and again. I wander the venue with one eye scanning badges and one ear open for clues that there’s someone in vicinity who may be a valuable new contact. Becoming frustrated with my lack of progress I then try to manoeuvre myself closer to delegates whilst subtly straining my eyes to pick out details on their badges. If I think there’s potential I spark up a conversation based on whatever details are displayed on the other person’s delegate badge, which may simply be a company name. There’s quite a bit of guesswork here. Inevitably both parties assess the potential value of the other and based on the conversation delve a bit deeper, exchange business cards or possibly try to break off and move on.

So what’s the solution? Well I’m not the only person to experience this and we aren’t the first conference to create an event app. But we have been watching and thinking and investigating and deliberating…. and we found what we believe to be the best solution currently available. We’ve combined a great App with dedicated meeting spaces at the Nordic Digital Business Summit to make sure our delegates have every opportunity to gain maximum value from participation.

Here’s how it works.

  • Register for NDBS.
  • Receive an invitation to start using our Smart Networking system.
  • Follow the link and create a password.
  • The system pulls information based on your email address domain name and a public linkedin profile if it finds a match.
  • Choose if you want to link your Twitter and/or Linked accounts.
  • Check your automatically generated profile and make amendments if necessary.
  • Start using the system!
  • Search for other users based on industry, keywords, sponsorship status etc.
  • Send a message through the system or send a meeting invitation.
  • Manage your meetings and seminar sessions through the app if you wish.
  • Attend meetings at the designated locations during the event with the full support of our staff.
  • And here’s the good bit… Keep on going after the event has finished. Find the people you missed on the day and continue to network.

…and that’s it. The App is available via any browser on any device (just click on “Networking App” in the top right of our event website) and it’s also available as native apps for iOS and Android devices.

So apologies to the conferences that aren’t using the NDBS Smart Networking system. It’s 2015 and we don’t want to graze like cattle anymore. We live in a smart world and we want to gain maximum return on our investment when choose to attend an event.

Register for NDBS
Log into the NDBS Smart Networking system on your browser
Install a native app
NDBS Smart Networking Apple iOS download  NDBS Smart Networking Google Play Android download
Noel McAvennie, NDBS Event Manager