Data Center & Cloud

Ari Kurvi


Ari has 33 years of experience working with IT and Data Center facilities. In this period of time he has served companies like HP, Google and Yandex. Working with these rapidly evolving environments, he has seen the transformation of IT Infrastructure become the catalyst for an increased need for large scale Data Centers. Ari’s passions are Data Center thermal assessments, Electrical planning and designing.

Turning CDH upside down: Excess heat as a utility, not a waste product

For a long time the data center industry has been focused on minimising OPEX by finding innovate ways to cool hardware at minimal cost. The question has been how to offset carbon footprint and reduce PUE by finding uses for syphoned-off excess heat. Over the past year Ari has been in the spotlight internationally speaking about the Yandex “heat factory” and their plans to utilise the data center’s excess heat to input into the local district heating system. But this issue of CDH (Combined Data and Heat) is more important than an exercise to reduce PUE. Referencing Yandex’s latest design & implementation updates, Ari will lay out his vision that excess heat should be seen as a sellable utility, rather than a waste product.