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Chris McIntosh


Chris McIntosh Total Datacentre Solutions

Chris McIntosh – Total Datacentre Solutions (TDCS). Former European Data Centre Manager at Barclays Bank, with 15 years’ experience of managing datacentres across diverse environments. As an operational manager, he drove the strategy and transformational programme across the Bank’s EMEA estate (>150 facilities), consolidating small and unsustainable environments into more efficient and easily managed enterprise sites, and often moving services into new geographical locations or sovereignties.
Currently based in Scotland with a keen interest on the Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Banking/Finance markets, Chris is increasingly focused on the opportunities that these sectors can bring to the emerging Nordic datacentre colocation providers. In addition, Chris offers a broad working knowledge of all aspects of the datacentre operational environment, including ‘best practices’, ‘audit’ and/or TCO and energy/financial optimizations regimes.

Chris – or one of his partners from TDCS – would be delighted to talk to you about any aspect of the ever evolving data centre operational arena.

Moderator: “Building on Nordic successes – Can the Nordic regions work together to attract new DC business or are we destined to compete?”

In recent years the Nordics have become a hotspot for new Data Center builds, with giants like Google, Facebook, Apple and Yandex selecting to locate large scale new data centers here. Whether it’s for the existing infrastructure, reliably low ambient cooling, ecologically generated power, positive tax conditions or any other reason, It’s no secret that the Nordic countries have fought head to head to attract these news cases. But what potential impact could this competition be having upon us? What are the winners really winning and at what cost? Could there be mutual benefit in working together or are we destined to compete on every level? Our panelists will discuss their opinions on stage.