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Derek Webster


Derek Webster Schneider Electric

Derek Webster, Cloud & Colo Investor Relations Director, Schneider Electric

Derek works with global clients and investors to provision project needs into a holistic solutions offering. Working to establish business, strategic and innovative technical solutions that integrate global Data Center requirements into regional and local executions necessary to meet client performance needs or KPI’s.

Background: Derek’s has delivered Data Centers’ for Internet companies, Telco and Enterprises’. His experience ranges from providing strategic road mapping for Data Center builds to country/site search & select for ‘right-fit’ site investments. He has worked with Governments, Foreign Direct Investors (FDI) to position initiatives and offer-to-market strategies. Including due diligence for funders and investors to risk assess design, marketability, budget and project team suitability and as project monitor for investment funds, taking Data Center Basis of Design and managing the provision of an entire new built facility ready for business application (formulating client ‘build’ needs to construction direction, project planning, procurement strategy; Data Center delivery in construction/developments.)

Presentation Synopsis : IoT and Better Data Center Locations

A look at the future Impact of the Internet of things & Industrial Internet and choosing a Data Center location. We look at the impact of just what a 1% power saving for IoT means, impact of new business models and answer what the Nordic Advantage is for investors. Examine current Data Center trends and the Cloud/IoT Data Center differences over a Tier III Colo location. Finally the green impact of the Nordics, ‘Energy reuse’ and the wider ICT impact to the world … All in 25 mins!