Internet of Things & Industrial Internet

Dirk Hofmann


Dirk Hofmann, Chief Product Owner, Deutsche Telekom

Dirk is a Partner for partner for the German Digital Strategy company Kreait. His role there is very much about helping Kreait’s clients (such as Red Bull, Siemens, Pro7Sat1, Volkswagen, Tui, eBay etc) to think and act in a new agile way. He formerly worked for the global Product and Innovation Unit within the Deutsche Telekom AG, where he was responsible for driving the wearable and connected devices strategy.

As an old veteran of the mobile phone industry, with more than 15 years of experience in various roles, he has been part of the the tremendous growth of this industry right from the early days on the manufacturer as well as on the carrier side. Before joining Deutsche Telekom in 2012 he has spent 6 years at Nokia in Finland defining and building Nokias big data and analytics capabilities. As key contributor of Nokia´s Consumer relationship strategy he worked on combining the 500+ million device owners with the various application and services Nokia offered.

Dirk started his career with Siemens Mobile in Munich and worked there in various Marketing, Strategic and Innovation management roles. Amongst other devices he was in charge of the first MP3 mobile phone (SL45) as well as the first truly multimedia capable Smartphone (SX1).

Working in the area of device and service area for so many years Dirk is a strong believer that services and content will define the “post smart phone” area. He is convinced that we are just at the beginning of a new chapter and will see more new shapes and combinations of devices beyond the ones we already have seen or even experienced. Dirk´s mission and personal motivation is to define and develop such products and services and help driving wearables from the gadget to the mass market.

It´s no longer the BIG fish eating the SMALL fish it’s the FAST fish eating the SLOW fish – the challenge of a large enterprise to migrate from a big tanker into an agile speed boat

Digitalization will turn many of the established industries upside down. New player disrupt existing value chains and change the customer expectation. Assets which made companies big and successful are suddenly under pressure and their value is questioned. It’s no longer the BIG fish eating the SMALL fish it’s the FAST fish eating the SLOW fish.
So how do companies need to change to adapt to the quickly changing environment? What is needed to stay competitive and regain the attention of the customer? This speech is about highlighting the required impact in the way of working, required competences and the criticality of data as the foundation of a deep understanding what creates value for the customer.