Internet of Things & Industrial Internet

Dr. Marguerite Nyhan


Dr Marguerite Nyhan MIT NDBS

Dr. Marguerite Nyhan is a Fulbright Scholar and a Post Doctoral Researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is based at the SENSEable City Laboratory and leads the urban environmental research team there. She has also led a number of studies in collaboration with Harvard University’s School of Public Health. Her research combines environmental epidemiology with complex analyses of urban data-sets including those from ubiquitous sensor networks. Marguerite hopes to influence the design of more environmentally sustainable cities in the future.

Keynote: The SENSEable City – How sensors & complex big data are changing urban life

As layers of networks and digital information blanket our urban space, a new approach to the study of cities is emerging. The way we describe and understand the urban environment is being radically transformed. The mission of the Senseable City Lab is to anticipate these changes and study them from a critical point of view. In the context of smart cities, networks of sensors can offer fine grained information within cities. By understanding urban dynamics in the context of behaviour, mobility, the environment and commerce, the Senseable City Lab aims to improve the design of cities and the quality of life of urban populations for future generations.