Data Center & Cloud

Fabrice Roudet


Fabrice Roudet, Data Center Program Manager – Eaton Power Quality and Electronics Europe, Middle East and Africa Region

Based in Le Lieu, Switzerland Fabrice is responsible for the development of a new offer for the management of data centers for the Power Quality and Electronics Division at Eaton EMEA. In this role, he manages the definition of future offers and solutions for data centers of all sizes, and establishes collaborations with academic, research and industrial partners to take advantage of the latest technological advances. He joined Eaton in 2011 after seven years prior experience managing innovative projects within the corporate research and development division at Schneider Electric. Fabrice is a graduate of the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, and also holds a PhD degree in Engineering.

Electric vehicle batteries to store energy in data centers and contribute to grid balancing

Eaton EMEA and Nissan Europe are collaborating in the GreenDataNet project with five other partners to develop more energy-efficient and environment-friendly data centers. One of the objectives is to demonstrate the opportunity to increase the share of renewables as part of the energy consumed by urban data centers. EV batteries may be used to store renewable energy when cost of electricity is low and release it at peak times to allow data center operators to save money and contribute to peak shaving.