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Hans Zai


Hans Zai IBM

Hans Zai, Cloud Advisor, IBM Cloud (Sweden)

Hans Zai is IBM Cloud Advisor and Senior Consultant in the Nordics with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Prior to this he was responsible for the enablement and deployment of IBM’s Cloud Services in the Nordics. In that role he was deeply involved in client engagements to get early deployments of IBM’s Cloud Services in the region.

Why Hybrid Cloud Matters – IBM’s point of view
Cloud is creating a paradigm shift in the delivery of IT services as well as being a catalyst of transforming businesses. Companies need to securely balance the integration of cloud with legacy back-end systems to drive new levels of insight from data available and how they engage with their clients. This will lead to the implementation of a Hybrid Cloud. This presentation will give IBM’s point of view on Hybrid Cloud.