Internet of Things & Industrial Internet

Joni Lehtonen


Joni Lehtonen Tieto NDBS

Joni Lehtonen, MBA, holds the position of VP at Tieto coordinating the field of Industrial Internet.

Joni Lehtonen started his career in 1994 in Manufacturing industry. Gradually he moved on to a Senior Business Consultant position at TietoEnator (today Tieto) and headed numerous projects on ERP and SCM in Europe and Asia in semiconductor, metal & machinery industries. During that time he worked with Business Architecture consulting and heading large programs in the SCM and Business integration area with the business units he was establishing within Tieto.

During 2006 he moved to Nokia to develop further his competences and worked as an architect in the areas of SCM, Downstream Logistics and Production Planning.

2009 he was invited back to Tieto, and accepted a task to established a new type of business unit in the area of supply chain. New business unit focused into a business process improvement with fresh evidence based concept. During this period of time he educated himself with the Lean SixSigma Balck Belt certificate.

Since 2011, he has hold a position to develop strategic initiatives within Tieto, and to drive up business focusing into Industrial Services, by utilizing industrial Internet capabilities; shortly saying, driving the digital transformation for Tieto’s manufacturing customers.

Digital Manufacturing 4.0
Imagine a 30% improvement in the performance of your industrial production or services. Would that make a difference? IoT will change the Manufacturing industry, and Tieto Real Time Factory concept will concretize HOW. This session will give you the concrete steps on getting started with Industrial Internet NOW.