Internet of Things & Industrial Internet

Jukka Kuusinen


Jukka Kuusinen Tieto Industrial Internet NDBS

IoT seminar host
Jukka Kuusinen – Chief Operating Officer & Head of Sales, Tieto Corporation Industrial Internet team.

Jukka has been almost 20 years n various professional fields of expertise in the telecom industry and then further in the embedded solutions and industrial internet. Joined 1997 Nokia Mobile Phones straight from University of Oulu, Electrical Engineering department. Technical, marketing and business management background, in 2001 appointed as General Manager for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) business in Nokia. Global Head of Technology management in the operator channel sales and then in the end of of 2008 joined Sesca Embedded Solutions as managing director. Entrepreneur activity in fleet management and telematics, co-founder of Teltonika International Oy. Rejoined Nokia in the end of 2010 as Head of Authority Compliance. Since September 2014 as Head of Sales and Chief Operating Officer of Tieto Corporation Industrial Internet team.