Internet of Things & Industrial Internet

Phillip Lindberg


Phillip Lindberg Fjord NDBS

Phillip Lindberg, Design Guy, Fjord

Phillip Lindberg is a design all-rounder. He happily plays in the space between atoms, ones and zeros, business and the craft of value-creation. A keen experimenter, he enjoys combining ideas, models and effective ways-of-doing. Loves working with good people who try hard to do good things.

Phil has been honing his principles and imagination in a variety of workplaces – from tech giants to startups – in domains ranging from biometrics to telecommunications to design for manufacturing. Whatever the case, refining the human experience of a product/service/place/thing is the underlying obsession.

Current hot topics include (re)creating the pre-conditions for innovation, rewiring companies with new habits, managing uncertainty and advancing the role of design in business.

His greatest weakness is an ability to sit in a chair. Is most at home in the ocean…with a rolling 8-10 foot swell and a light offshore breeze.

The Era of Living Services
You have heard of the Internet of Things, but how will businesses and brands use it? How will health services, transportation, insurance, utilities and security companies, for example, evolve to match our increasingly liquid demands and expectations in a world where almost everything is digitized?