Internet of Things & Industrial Internet

Prof. Pekka Appelqvist


Pekka Appelqvist NDBS

Professor Pekka Appelqvist is the Secretary General of the Scientific Advisory Board for Defence (MATINE), a research network organization supporting the R&D&I functions in the Ministry of Defence in Finland. Prior to MoD, he worked in the Finnish Defence Forces, at the Defence Command.

Before joining the defence administration in 2009, he made academic career for 15 years at the Helsinki University of Technology. Appelqvist received his doctoral degree in 2000, and professor qualifications in 2006.

His research interests have mainly concerned autonomous mobile robots and systems; control structures for high levels of autonomy, as well as other enabling technologies for robotics and automation. Applications have varied from multi-robot systems to full scale autonomous ground vehicles and underwater solutions.

Thoughts on the development towards machine autonomy

In the presentation some key observations and implications related to the gradual development towards machine autonomy will be discussed. Viewpoints include operative-, engineering-, human, regulative-, and ethical aspects. Due to the dual-use nature of technology both in civilian and military applications, the potential gains and challenges are essentially alike.