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Robert Turkes


Robert Turkes Stulz NDBS

Robert Turkeš is the Area Sales Manager for the North, West and Eastern European markets as well as the markets in the CIS states for the Stulz GmbH, a leading supplier of precision cooling solutions for mission critical IT facilities.
Being in charge of the STULZ activities in different regions for many years – one of the top markets of Stulz for free cooling solutions – he has been strongly working with the local Stulz partners on finding customer orientated solutions for energy efficient air conditioning for data centres, with special emphasis to
• Optimized solutions to reduce the total cost of ownership
• Ensure high availability of the A/C equipment in the mission critical IT environment
Robert Turkeš joined Stulz in 1999. He was employed in the production of the electrical switchboards of the Stulz Air conditioners, later he started in parallel to the job his studies as an Electrical Engineer and finished it in 2004, in that time he changed from the production to the Sales & Technical Support Team and has worked as a Junior Area Sales Manager for the South European, Middle east and African markets. In 2010 he changed internally to follow the North, West and Eastern European and CIS markets as an Area Sales Manager

Energy efficient cooling for data centers by the use of Free cooling
In this presentation will be explained what are the main tasks if you consider the use of free cooling in a data center taking in consideration the operation limits, standards and the total cost of ownership (TCO).