Internet of Things & Industrial Internet

Sampo Hämäläinen


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Sampo Hämäläinen, Vice President, Markets, Futurice

Sampo is building Futurice business from the front-line. 5 years ago he left Finland to start Futurice’s first international office in Berlin as a true lean startup. The 6 months project ended up being 3+ years of building and leading a local subsidiary. After that Sampo was running Futurice’s next new office in London.

Currently he has a group-level role at Futurice with special interest on helping traditional industry companies to get digital and international. He is also advising industrial SME companies such as Rostek and he acts as an active member of Kaato business community.

Industrial IoT Changing Traditional Business Dynamics: Case Pharmaceutical Industry

There is a huge hype around Internet of Things at the moment. Technology-wise IoT is not that much new; connected sensors and machines providing visibility to their operation have been around for quite some time.

However, fundamental changes will take place on a system level, with re-engineered workflows and totally new business dynamics as well as business models. We have seen incumbent industries such as financial services or transportation being disrupted by totally new and unexpected players who were born digital. To maintain their competitiveness in the rapidly changing business environment, traditional companies need to start acting on much faster clock rate, challenging their status quo.

Sampo and Pasi will discuss about technology and ecosystem disruption in conservative industries by using pharmaceutical industry as a concrete example.