Internet of Things & Industrial Internet

Timo Koskinen


Timo Koskinen IBM Finland

Timo Koskinen – Chief Technology Officer, IBM Finland

Timo is a technologist by nature and – with over 25 years of experience in ICT technologies – he can be considered a veteran of the ICT industry in Finland. He has extensive knowledge of current- as well as upcoming ICT technologies such as internet of things, industrial internet, cyber security, cloud computing and big data analytics. His knowledge of business models in this transformative industry are excellent additions to his technology oriented base skills.

Creating new value from IoT

In this presentation I am going to cover both the business side of IoT as well as the mechanics needed (connect, collect, analyze and do it securely) in order to monetize the created services. The IoT value chain perspective gives you the sweet spot you might be interested to go after since the forces of IoT adoption are accelerating thru the use of cloud, data and engagement. IoT being at the top of everybody’s mind the transformation of devices into points of value will take us towards a new economy of things, EoT.