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Vesa Kiviranta


Vesa Kiviranta Symbio NDBS

Vesa Kiviranta, Symbio, Vice President Automotive Solutions

Vesa has over 20 years experience in wireless telecommunication, automotive industry and global business development. He is currently working as the Vice President Automotive Solutions in Symbio and has adept knowledge of combining consumer electronics industry with automotive industry, business case development, value-chains and ecosystems.

The rapid development of technologies and services is changing automotive industry. Services designed for consumer electronics are now entering to cars. Automotive industry needs to adapt quickly to new ways of working and co-creating with partners to meet the raising consumer user experience expectations.

Co-creating 360 Driving Experience

Tomorrow’s driving experience is much more than sitting behind the wheel. It’s about how you interact and connect with your car whether you are at home or inside the car. 360 driving experience thinks besides the outstanding user experience also the unlimited services that connect you with the world.